Smile Club ZA

Reviewing and Approving Treatment Setup

Smile Club's role is to help you create the Active Aligner Treatment Plan and Smile Summary you want for your patient. We offer recommendations and have set clear treatment protocols, however the end result is up to you. This is why we recommend you make any necessary changes to the treatment plan for each of your patients to ensure their optimal outcome.

Lets look at a brief Workflow:
(Comprehensive workflow for FAQ's coming soon)

A treatment setup contains 3D rendering for each stage of the treatment, representing the tooth movements as well as a PDF Smile Summary. The treatment setup will show you how stages are planned and their intended outcomes.
Once you click "approve" on the setup, models will be manufactured and used to make your patient's Active Aligners.
If you would like additional changes, you may (on the platform) request a "redesign" with your comments for changes. 

Please remember - Smile Club Lab is a device manufacturer for Active Aligners. Treatment decisions and case diagnosis are entirely the responsibility of the prescribing doctor.