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The Active Aligner Difference

Accuracy - Support - Philosophy


3D Printers specifically calibrated to the lab environment and temperature

Many Labs buy off-the-shelf 3D printers to produce aligners, which, depending on the climate, atmospheric pressure and humidity levels, differ from location to location for 3D printing.

4.0 Bar positive pressure thermoforming instead of vacuum forming

Many Labs use Vacuum forming “suck down” machines that don’t have the accuracy required for teeth, gum line definition and gingival textures needed for quality patient outcomes.

Intraoral scans or advanced lab scanners with powerful Cad/Cam

Accuracy throughout the Aligner therapy process is critical, poor performing equipment add %’s of error across the process, from record taking through to the manufacturing of aligners. Great Active Aligners start with great impressions.

Aligner Material

Appearance, Strength and Durability - which is why we use Essix. “When it comes to meeting the needs of clinician and patient alike, Essix® Brand Plastics give you the quality you demand and the versatility you need.” Dentsply Sirona.


Movement and Movement Philosophy