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Active Aligners are an affordable, clear aligner treatment brought to you by Smile Club, a South African company that has made Active Aligners available worldwide. Demand for Clear Aligner Treatment (Clear Braces) has grown as patients look toward modern braces that will straighten teeth while still being invisible. Active Aligners have become well respected as the preferred treatment prescribed by both dentists and orthodontists, and requested by patients. 

Smile Club Lab Inc is a registered dental laboratory. We believe that technology has enabled dentistry and smiles like never before. Digital Dentistry is cost-effective, time efficient, and shows significant reduction in unnecessary errors through workflow to patient communication. To this end, Smile Club offers Smile Design for Injection Moulding. Digital Dentistry from a modern Digital Lab for a Modern Dentist. Active Smile Design does not need special equipment or software, we can do this for you.

Smile Club prides itself on helping to facilitate better Smiles. Which is why we bring you the at home Active Whitening Kit. Let your Smile shine, no matter where you are.

Smile Club Offerings

Active Aligners - clear aligner

Active Aligners, Comfortable, Clear and removable, predictable and effective

Prescribed by your dental professional, Active Aligners are clear aligners that have been developed specifically for aligning your teeth in a predictable, smooth, clear and comfortable manner. 

Active Smile Design - Digital Dentistry

Active Smile Design – technology that enables dentistry like never before.

Active Smile Design is a dental treatment planning tool that has the ability to strengthen a dental provider’s diagnostics, enhance predictability, and improve communication between all parties involved.

Teeth Whitening Kit

Active Teeth Whitening – our at home teeth whitening kit

Smile Club prides itself on supplying high quality teeth whitening products, which you can use in the comfort of your own home. Our products provide safe and effective results – bearing in mind that results may vary from person to person.

Smile Club Offerings

Smile Club Partnerships

Operation Smile South Africa

For every Active Aligners case, Smile Club makes a monthly donation directly to Operation Smile South Africa, because we believe that every person deserves to smile.

Operation Smile Cleft lip before and after image
Smile Club Partners
Medifin Financial Services
Our collaboration with MediFin offers you a choice We understand that some patients may elect to pay for their treatment over time. Finance is available through MediFin. With their convenient payment plans, simple online application and quick turnaround time, anyone can afford our aligners. MediFin finance any medical procedure up to the value of R100 000.