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Active Aligners & Operation Smile Partnership

Smile Club supports Operation Smile to transform lives through new smiles.

In December 2022, Smile Club announced a partnership with Operation Smile South Africa, to help transform the lives of more people born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. We pledged to donate a percentage of every Active Aligners case distributed, to help Operation Smile provide safe surgery and comprehensive care for children and adults living with unrepaired clefts.

Thanks to our amazing network of dental partners who recommended Active Aligners to their patients, Operation Smile’s transformative work helped change many lives during 2023. We are proud to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with Operation Smile through 2024.

“Thanks to Smile Club and their partner dentists, we’ve given dozens of patients and their families hope for a brighter future, free from the challenges and stigma of being born with a cleft”, says Sarah.

The impact of Smile Club’s support for Operation Smile extends beyond people with clefts.  Through their many education and training initiatives, they have facilitated the transfer of skills and knowledge to local health workers, including dentists and dental technicians, thereby strengthening our health system for the benefit of many, many more.

“We believe that every person deserves to smile and for this reason we have committed to contributing to this amazing initiative and cause. Together we can make a difference.” Smile Club/Active Aligners

To find out more about Operation Smile and how to support their work, visit  https://operationsmile.org.za/

“We have doctors, nurses, dentists, speech therapists, and nutritionists that help us.”

Dr Gavin Jones, Regional Medical Officer – Operation Smile South Africa

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