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Active Smile Design is a dental treatment planning tool that has the ability to strengthen a dental provider’s diagnostics, enhance predictability, and improve communication between all parties involved.

Dentists use diagnostics for a thorough analysis of the patient’s dental position.

Active Smile Design allows for dentists to use videos, photographs, and temporary mock-ups, to get a better sense of the relationship between the lips, gums, and teeth, as well as how they work together to create the patient’s smile.

Digital Dentistry = Predictability and Accuracy


Active Smile Design allows you, the patient, to become involved in planning your perfect Smile. Active Smile Design combines technology and dentistry in a non-invasive way, to predict the outcome of a treatment that aligns to your preferred end result. Know before you start, what the end result will look like!


Increased communication between patient, Laboratory and Doctor allows you to not only design a Smile that the patient wants, but also provides the opportunity to educate and motivate the patient about the benefits of the treatment. This normally increases the chances of case acceptance which benefits both you, and the patient. 


Technology, digital dentistry and modern logistics allows you to scale your laboratory, whilst spending less time on the basics and doing more of what you love – Creating Amazing Lab Work. Digital workflows provide increased accuracy, improved turn-around times and less expense which allows for affordable dentistry.